John Walton transferring

According to a few sources it appears John Walton has decided to transfer from ETSU after only two seasons with the Bucs. I’ve been hearing the rumor for a few weeks now but hesitated posting anything about it without confirmation. However, the rumor seems to be true since Walton does not appear on the updated roster which was recently released on

Walton is the 3rd player to transfer from the Bucs this off-season, Mario Stramaglia and Yunio Barrueta being the others. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the loss of players from ETSU basketball in the last couple of seasons is alarming and certainly does not reflect well on Bartow.

Walton averaged 5.7 points per game and 4.2 rebounds per game for the Bucs this past season and showed a lot of improvement over his first season with the Bucs. I’m hearing he’ll be transferring to Troy, so good luck to John!

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Yunio Barrueta Transferring

Yunio Barrueta

According to the updated transfer list on CBS Sports, Yunio Barrueta will be transferring from ETSU after one season with the Bucs. This makes the second confirmed transfer of a freshmen this offseason and unlike the Petey McClain rumor from last week I can confirm that this one is happening.

Yunio averaged 2.4 points and 2.3 rebounds in 25 games for ETSU this season and from what I understand he didn’t really care much for Johnson City. So this transfer does not really come to a surprise to me as Yunio was apparently never happy at ETSU. However, it still does not look good on Bartow who has lost two freshmen to transfers this offeseason and almost lost a 3rd but Petey decided to stay.

I am unsure where Yunio is going Yunio will be transferring to Barry University in Miami. Good luck to Yunio and hopefully we will find a solid recruit in the coming months to take his place.

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Petey McClain has decided to Stay

Petey McClain

On Thursday there were reports circulating around that Petey McClain had decided to transfer from ETSU. I am now hearing that Petey has decided to stay. He was 100% determined to leave until his parents told him they wanted him to stay at ETSU.

While this is certainly good news for the team I hope that McClain is happy with his decision. It is still disappointing to hear that Petey felt hand-cuffed all season. Bartow told him during the recruiting process he wanted a PG that could make plays for himself and others. However, once the season started he was told not to shoot – ever, unless it was a wide open lay-up then got criticized when teams stopped guarding him. That is not was he was told while he was being recruited. Hopefully now that Petey is staying coach Bartow will give him a little more freedom when playing.

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Petey McClain Transferring

Petey McClain

I’m hearing that Petey McClain is planning on transferring from ETSU to Northwest Florida JC. Apparently Petey told his former AAU coach of his intentions and said that he didn’t mesh well with Bartow’s coaching style and personality. The quote below is from someone who knows Petey personally and explains his reasoning for transferring.

He was supposedly told not to shoot the ball unless it was a lay-up early in the season then at the end of the year he was criticized for hurting the team due to opposing teams not guarding him in the half court offense. He told the coaches they weren’t guarding him because he was told not to shoot and if he knew he was going to be brought to ETSU to never shoot he would have signed somewhere else.

For what its worth Petey loves ETSU the school and city. He even likes the assistant coaches. He just didn’t fit with Coach Bartow and Bartow never went out of his way to actually teach Petey what he wanted from his PG. With Petey being a true freshman at such a critical position he probably needed more 1 on 1 coaching and personal attention than what was given to him.

This is very disappointing news to hear especially after losing Mario Stramaglia last week because of transferring as well. I felt that Petey had a lot of potential to be a good point guard at ETSU. It sounds as if the basketball woes at ETSU are going to continue and I feel that will be the case the longer Bartow sticks around.

I assume this opens up another recruiting spot for the Bucs and with it being this late in the recruiting season it might be hard to find two solid players to replace both Mario and Petey.

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Mario Stramaglia to Transfer

CBS Transfer List
Screenshot from the 2013 Transfer List on CBS Sports

According to the 2013 Transfer list on CBS, 6’1 Freshman SG Mario Stramaglia will be transferring from ETSU. Mario played only limited minutes this season for the Bucs but he did show good potential in some of those games. Mario played in 27 games while getting around 12 minutes per game and averaging 3.7 points and 0.7 assists for the Bucs during that time. Mario’s most productive game came against the eventual A-Sun champion Florida Gulf Coast Eagles where he scored 14 points in 22 minutes in an 85-75 win over FGCU in Johnson City.

Mario becomes another player on a long list of guys who have transfered under head coach Murry Bartow. This should open up another recruiting spot for the Bucs in the 2013-2014 season. I have not heard where Mario is planning on transferring to but good luck to him wherever he lands. CBS Transfer List

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