Lester Wilson

Lester Wilson-6’4″ 205 LB F, Knoxville, TN

Lester Wilson’s ETSU Stats

Prior to ETSU

Lester Wilson

Lester’s comment on arriving at ETSU last year was how great it was that he could now go to the weight room any time he wanted.  This indicates the kind of work ethic that he brings to the game.  Although a glance at Lester this year tells you right away how he’s been spending his time.  “The Action Figure” is noticeably bigger and stronger than last year.  He showed admirable commitment and patience in taking a redshirt year last year to improve his skills.  Although still not a polished or complete player, he is already able to score the ball with range beyond the arc as his performance against UT players in the Rocky Top League indicates.

If he keeps that Tommy Hubbard work ethic, he can expect to continue with the kind of improvement by leaps and bounds that Tommy showed over his career.  But Lester has power, speed and athleticism that Tommy could only dream about.   Whatever you see from him this fall, know this:  there is better, much better, to come.

“Basketball wise he is undersized for the forward position, but we think he is a lot like Kevin Tiggs in the sense that he doesn’t fit a position. He is a high-major athlete and is unbelievably efficient from 10 feet and in.” ~Coach Bartow

“A supremely gifted athlete that plays with passion and is very coachable, describes this Knoxville phenom. Wilson can play above the rim scoring off the interior feed or using his speed, which is big time receiver fast, to finish with a flurry on the break.” ~ESPN Insider

Rocky Top League-7/02/12:

Lester Wilson
The Action Figure

Lester Wilson, fittingly dubbed the action figure, dropped 49 pts. on July 2nd in the Rocky Top League. The (Pilot) Rocky Top League games are held in the sweltering Bearden High School gym in Knoxville. Although these games are primarily a showcase for UT basketball players, it was Lester who was getting “oohs and aahs” from the UT-centric crowd (as well as snickers about UT’s lack of recruiting interest in him). These matters aside, it was clear why Lester is nicknamed the action figure: His physique is chiseled, like that of an action figure. He is built like Terrell Owens, and like Terrell Owens, has great length and speed down the floor. In addition, he has huge mitts, allowing him to palm the ball with ease.

It should be noted that defense is not at a premium in the Rocky Top League. Any defense is token at best, so Lester’s 49 were not exactly against Gary Payton-like defenders. Nevertheless, Buc fans should be thrilled about Lester’s debut as a Buccaneer in a few months. First and foremost, Lester possesses spectacular athleticism, matching his action-figure physique. He was dunking with power and ease, and with a little flair. His dunks rattled the rim, prompting the entertaining MC to sing Lester’s praises. In addition to his leaping ability, he runs the floor extremely well. He never appeared winded either, and it was HOT in that little gym.

Lester Wilson

In watching Lester, it was difficult to “box him in” with respect to position. His game fits most closely to a ‘4’, but he is probably the height of a ‘3’. Will he be able to guard a taller ‘4’? Will he be able to guard a quicker ‘3’? I’ll be curious to see how Bartow uses him. Tommy Hubbard and Kevin Tiggs held their own quite well against taller players, and I think that Lester’s strength, length, and athleticism will compensate for his relative lack of height.

Questions aside, Lester’s athleticism will allow him to be a productive freshman. I suspect that he is more athlete than basketball player at this point in career, which means that he has not even begun to scratch the proverbial surface of his potential.


  • 27 ppg, 13 rpg in high school
  • All-district, all-region all four years of high school