John Walton

John WaltonLike Rashawn Rembert, Tommy Hubbard, Greg Hamlin and others, got very limited first year minutes out of Murry, averaging 7.7 minutes over 12 games. But both Tommy and Greg Hamlin exploded into strong inside players their second year, leading the charge to the NCAA tournament and a great battle with Pitt. We need the bouncy 6’7” Walton to make the kind of step forward that Tommy and Greg did.  ETSU has a number of players with muscle in the 6’4” to 6’6” range.  But Walton can give us the length and bounce that we will need against taller teams, and that is in short supply on the roster.  In the one game that Walton got with over 12 minutes of play, he gave us a little hint of what might be to come, snagging 3 rebounds, with 3 blocks, 4 steals and 2 points in the second game against Lipscomb.  This is the kind of aggressive athletic play that we need from him.  Give us that, and he could become another Greg Hamlin.

John Walton Stats

Highlights: Lipscomb Game-2/20/12


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