ETSU offers Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson, Carlisle HS, Martinsville, Virginia

ETSU has reportedly offered Eric Johnson, a 6’2″ PG from Carlisle HS in Martinsville, Virginia, where he averaged 16 point per game and 8.3 assists in 22 games this past season. Johnson’s stock is soaring, so it’s wise that we’re the 1st to offer. That seems to be important to recruits. Most importantly, however, is our tie to Johnson’s coach, who happens to be one of the best ETSU PG’s of all time: Jason Niblett. While ETSU is the first school to offer Johnson, he is generating plenty of interest from several ACC schools.

Eric Johnson Evaluations

ESPN insider
Eric has a body that will continue to develop. He gets in the lane and can be a scorer and playmaker. He’s a confident guard with the ability to communicate. A fearless driver who competes and defends.ESPN Insider

Recruiting Hype
Johnson’s game has come a long way since my last viewing at Peach Jam over the summer, and his improved point guard abilities and aggression are the reasons why. A 6’2 combo guard who is developing into a full time point guard, Johnson has a good basketball mind and talent to complement it. He owns the poise to make the simple, correct play, but he also owns the playmaking and creating ability to make something out of nothing. Johnson handles the ball well against pressure and in traffic, and he has the shot making ability to keep defenses honest in the half court set. The next steps are becoming a more vocal and positive presence on the floor and turning that shot making ability into consistent shooting ability. Mid major plus schools should get on him now, as he has the look of a fringe high major recruit.Recruiting Hype

Phenom Hoop
In today’s player profile, we will take a closer look at 6’2 PG Eric Johnson of Carlisle School in Martinsville, VA. We have watched Johnson since the 7th grade and has countered many ups and downs over the course of the past four years. Johnson has a strong and physically mature body and plays with a lot of confidence. He has a college ready frame that should translate well at the next level. Jamie Shaw will dig a little deeper into his recruitment and development. Eric has been on the radar for a while. He started off in Durham, went off the Christ School, and has finally settled in at the Carlisle School. It took him a little bit to find his fit. He found it. He is the starting point guard for Team Loaded and the starting point guard on the very talented Carlisle School. His job at Carlisle School is more than star player; he has to be star leader. The school is very talented, but it is also very young. There were four freshmen and a sophomore playing on varsity last season, and yes, one of those guys was Thon Maker.:rock:Johnson has soft touch to the three-point line, which he uses to open up his ability to drive. Johnson has legit size with long arms and a quick dribble. He drives with his head up probing the defense for lanes. When asked, Johnson says, ‘my shooting, it opens up the lane for me to get to the rim or distribute.’East Carolina, Old Dominion, Virginia Tech, and Hofstra are showing Johnson interest, but he does not have any offers just yet. When speaking of what he is looking for, he wants a coach ‘Where I can make mistakes and learn from them, instead of being punished.’ When speaking of style of play he is most comfortable in, ‘I prefer structure, where everyone knows their role and I know where they will be on the floor.’A leader with good size and big time skills, it should only be a matter of time before that first offer comes down the pipeline.Phenom Hoop

Eric Johnson

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