Bucs pursue Nashville big man, Cole Harrison, extend offer

Cole Harrison

According to Futre150.com, the Bucs have offered 6’10 250 lb Cole Harrison.  It appears that Harrison’s recent development has prompted several programs to take notice and some to begin offering, including the Bucs.

Here’s Future150’s analysis of Cole Harrison:


Harrison is a big body post player who plays with a high basketball IQ.  He knows how to use his body to his advantage when scoring around the basket.  He is a great rebounder and runs the floor well for player his size.  He can score with a variety of post moves with the power drop step and the face up mid range being his top 2.

As with all players at the midmajor level, big men come with deficits.  At the same time, Cole Harrison’s size and apparent skill level could make him a commodity at the midmajor level and a great “get” for ETSU basketball.



One thought on “Bucs pursue Nashville big man, Cole Harrison, extend offer

  1. It may be worth noting what Future150 sees as some of Cole’s weaknesses:

    “Needs to continue to work on his body development and weight control. His conditioning is one of his top priorities and continues to get better everytime we see him play. Increasing his range to 15 feet will only make him better.” http://future150.com/hs/basketball-profiles/cole-harrison-pf-2013

    Brad Nuckles as a junior was also far from a complete player and got much stronger in his senior year and in his time at ETSU.

    If players develop as they should, ETSU next year will offer a young post player a very tempting landing spot. There will be no other extra tall guy on board. But there will be lots of muscle in 6’7” 225 Harris, 6’7” 200 John Walton, 6’5” 250 KGG, 6’6” 230 Ron Giplaye, 6’4” 215, Lester Wilson and 6’4” 215 Yunio Barrueta. Since there will be no true post competition, the big kid should get his minutes. But he will have lots of powerful help in doing the heavy lifting under the boards.

    There will also be 3 highly touted young guards in Rashawn Rembert, Petey McClain and Mario Stramaglia to set the table.

    The talent is not the same, but the distribution of size is reminiscent of the situation that Brad Nuckles arrived at in 2002-2003 with Wadood and Fields providing muscle and scoring underneath and Tim Smith, James Anthony and Ryan Lawson at guard, with no true post competition. Nuckles got a productive 15 minutes per game right away, and helped get that team to a SoCon Championship and an NCAA berth (73-76 loss to Wake Forest).

    Some young post player is going to get one heck of an opportunity here! If young Harrison is not moved to be that player, I trust that we are making this opportunity known to others. From the Bucs standpoint, it would be nice if the player arrives with the ability to make an immediate contribution.

    Another plus for Cole: Lester Wilson, Ron Giplaye and a couple of others can demonstrate to him exactly what the weight room can do for body and game.

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