Should Murry Bartow be fired?

Murry Bartow

After a 10-22 season, which is the most losses in school history, should coach Murry Bartow be fired? Please see the poll on the right side of the page to cast your vote.

The 22 losses are the most in school history. The 50 point loss to VCU is the worst home loss in school history. The 32 point home loss to USC-Upstate is the 3rd worst home loss in school history.

Feel free to state the reasons why you voted yes or no in the comment section below.

Me personally, I have been attending and watching ETSU basketball games since 1989 and this has to be the most difficult season I’ve seen, I think the time has come for a change.

What is your opinion?

7 thoughts on “Should Murry Bartow be fired?

  1. Are you kidding me people? I understand that this has been a terrible year for the ETSU basketball team but Bartow has always had good teams at ETSU since he came to campus. Several of those teams have been very strong teams. To think that we would fire him after this season if absurd.
    I’ve always been critical of Bartow’s offensive scheme but this year was out of his control. He came into the year with 4 seniors, including the A-sun defensive player of the year and his center. 2 of them were kicked off the team and 1 tore his Achilles tendon. Not to mention that JC Ward just left school in the off season for the same shit that Cooley and Dubose got kicked off the team for. So that is 4 upper classman with a lot of playing experience that were no longer a part of this years team.
    Are we forgetting that just two years ago he had a 20 win team and took us into the semi finals in the CIT tournament? We have been to 5 post season tournaments under Bartow and we’re always a contender. One bad year isn’t a reason to let him go, he brings a name brand coach to ETSU. Hell, the man has been gripping for years now about how he can’t recruit big time players because he plays in an old football stadium. I’m excited to see him rebound next year with all these young players and in a few years when they have a basketball arena.

    Here is his record at ETSU.
    2003–2004 Murry Bartow 27–6 15–1 1st (North) NCAA 1st Round
    2004–2005 Murry Bartow 10–19 4–12 5th (North)
    2005–2006 Murry Bartow 15–13 12–8 5th
    2006–2007 Murry Bartow 24–10 16–2 1st NIT 1st Round
    2007–2008 Murry Bartow 19–13 11–5 T–3rd
    2008–2009 Murry Bartow 23–10 14–6 T–2nd NCAA 1st Round
    2009–2010 Murry Bartow 20–15 13–7 T–2nd NCAA 1st Round
    2010–2011 Murry Bartow 24–12 16–4 2nd CIT Semifinals
    2011–2012 Murry Bartow 17–13 10–8 T-4th

  2. He has had a few good seasons. A big fish in a little pond. However, everytime this man is in front of a camera you can tell he is defeated. He has no enthusiasm what so ever anymore. None. Period. Could it be because he lost two of his best players? Sure. That reflects on him as well however. He apparantly has a problem with discipline. I think he has known for sometime he has done all he can do at ETSU. I think he could go to a different school and do well. I think ETSU could get new life with a new coach. Bartow was a good coach for the bucs. I think both he and the school know it is time for change though.

  3. I think its obviously time to make a change. he is a terrible x’s and o’s coach. He took Ed DeChellis; players and rode them to graduation. he hit lightning in a bottle with Pegram and he carried them the whole time he was here and now the wheels are off the bus. we went from a team (like davidson) who struck a little fear in people from the SOCON to being ok in the ASUN to now being terrible. it is a shame what he has done to this program. it used to have some tradition and now its pathetic. Just listen to the interviews, the man is clueless. the man had a father that could coach but that unfortunately is not an inherited trait.
    How about we get some new energy in, try to recruit some in state talent and be respectable again. there is no reason that we dont win this conference EVERY year.
    And to the guy talking about the CIT…who cares. get me to the NCAA tournament and lose in the first round than to win some meaningless tournament. get a clue.
    3 consecutive seasons without even sniffing the NCAA is not acceptable.

  4. Two players have transfered this week. Another reason why Bartow needs to go, he runs guys out. The number of players that have transfered under Bartow is completely inexcusable.

  5. You dont fire a coach or dispose a Coach like a Coke bottle. Do you really think that Murry’s coaching has gotten worse with the years. On the contrary, He is now! a better coach than before. He has more knowledge, more experienc and knows clearer how to implement his philosophy.

  6. Quintin,

    Please what do you do for living? and for How many years are you doing it? Are you worse now than when you started? Come on!! Murry is a tremendous coach. Basketball runs in his blood and genes. He is a good on and off the floor coach and a great role model! But most of all he is an educator, a teacher of the game who has a lot to add to these young men who join the program! I am sure Murry will lead the BUCS to an outstanding season this year and you will be there on the stands cheering for the success of the team! I hope so!

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