Petey McClain has decided to Stay

Petey McClain

On Thursday there were reports circulating around that Petey McClain had decided to transfer from ETSU. I am now hearing that Petey has decided to stay. He was 100% determined to leave until his parents told him they wanted him to stay at ETSU.

While this is certainly good news for the team I hope that McClain is happy with his decision. It is still disappointing to hear that Petey felt hand-cuffed all season. Bartow told him during the recruiting process he wanted a PG that could make plays for himself and others. However, once the season started he was told not to shoot – ever, unless it was a wide open lay-up then got criticized when teams stopped guarding him. That is not was he was told while he was being recruited. Hopefully now that Petey is staying coach Bartow will give him a little more freedom when playing.

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