Live Stats For Buc Hoops? There’s An App For That

Stat geeks and Buc fans rejoice!  ETSU has announced a new partnership with Stat Broadcast to offer a new Live Stats platform all ETSU sports.  For basketball fans and stat junkies (such as yours truly), this will serve as an outstanding enhancement for all games.  No matter where you are, or how you watch the Bucs, you’ll be able to keep up with all stats now live and better than ever.

Before, ETSU offered a live stats program but it didn’t offer an app for your tablet or mobile device, Stat Broadcast does for ETSU which can be downloaded for your smart phone or tablet device, which can be downloaded by visiting  So, whether you’re at the dome, Allen Arena, or watching from a tablet device from your resort in Aruba, you not only can watch the Bucs on AsunTV for free now, but you’ll also be able to keep an eye on the stats as they happen, providing a major gameday enhancement for Buc fans everywhere.

Scott Lawson

Graduated in 2006 with a degree in Communications, Scott has spent time with WCYB, MRN, Citadel Broadcasting and the Buccaneer Sports Network. After moving to Nashville, he traveled the south working with retail merchandising and is currently studying to go back to school to become a software engineer. He enjoys fishing, golf, country music, college football and college basketball. Scott is married with twin boys on the way.

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