ETSU Basketball considering move to Freedom Hall

Freedom Hall in Johnson City TN
Freedom Hall
Freedom Hall in Johnson City TN

According to a report from WCYB, ETSU is considering moving basketball games to Freedom Hall for the upcoming season and possibly even permanently. While Freedom Hall only sits about 6,500 for basketball and is a couple of miles of campus it is specifically designed for basketball, unlike the Dome, and could make for a better basketball atmosphere as well. Obviously, Freedom Hall will need to undergo some major renovations if this is going to happen. The only way I can see it working is if the renovations include transforming Freedom Hall to be branded as an ETSU facility and moving the scoreboard, the new lighting rig, banners and etc to Freedom Hall as well.

Of course the major concern with this possible move is the fact that Freedom Hall is about 2 miles from campus. Student attendance is already suffering, would it suffer more if the basketball arena is off campus? I think a possible solution could be a shuttle service for students that did not feel like making the short trip.

What is your opinion on a possible move to Freedom Hall for all basketball games? Please see the poll on the right side of the page to cast your vote.

See the full video and report from WCYB

One thought on “ETSU Basketball considering move to Freedom Hall

  1. Should have done this year’s ago when they could have packed the house. They just spent a ton of money on the lighting in the mini dome, and they want to move. Not exactly smart spending on a department that wants to add football. Makes me wonder who is making the decisions. How about planning a little farther out than one year on major spending on a small budget program. Geez…

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