Charles Hammork not coming to ETSU?

It appears that Charles Hammork, the highly touted swingman from New Orleans via Coffeyville Community College, is not coming to ETSU. Kelly Hodge reported this in today’s (7/12/12) Johnson City Press, and Hammork tweeted that he was headed to D2 Fort Hayes State University.

Division-1 suitors across the country were enamored with Hammork’s length, versatility, and athleticism, despite that he had only one year of eligibility. Hammork’s lone year of eligibility prompted programs like Pitt to shy away, according to Hammork’s juco coach. Given Hammork’s talent and the  Bucs’ inexperience at small forward, Hammork appeared to be the presumptive starter for that position.

Charles Hammork never stepped foot on campus, or played a division 1 game, so it’s difficult to estimate the impact of Hammork heading  elsewhere.  His evident talent aside, he may have been never committed in the first place, despite signing a Letter of Intent. If he would have arrived on campus half-heartedly, then this may turn out better in the long run. Still, the recruiting process–from initial contact to the signing of the LOI–is surely a big commitment on the part of the coaching staff for every single player.  Whatever transpired, the coaching staff must be frustrated, especially this late in the summer.

Although disappointing, this will be an opportunity for someone like Lester Wilson, Kinard Gadsden-Gilliard, or someone else to establish themselves.   If someone steps up, this will be a non-issue this time next year.

2 thoughts on “Charles Hammork not coming to ETSU?

  1. This saddens me – Hammork had the best combination of skills and athleticism of any ETSU recruit since Kevin Tiggs. We badly need the kind of scoring that he could have provided.

    But he also would have brought some serious baggage, and the potential to possibly disrupt the chemistry on a team with more new players and fewer experienced leaders than we’ve had for a while. We don’t need another Curtis Wilkinson soap opera this year.

    The fact that a guy with his high major talents is spending his last year of eligibility at a tiny D2 school speaks volumes. Like the old country song says: ‘some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers’.

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